La Lotería Game Box Set


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The Ultimate Mexican fiesta Game Night Pack for everyone to enjoy. This limited edition set comes complete with a box full of fun for the entire family. This unique box set is hand curated by the inspiration of our Holiday traditions that everyone will enjoy.

The Details:
** Please Note** due to the nature of having a unique handcrafted item none of our products will ever be the same in terms of specifications. Some variations will occur.

This Limited Edition Game Pack comes complete with a pair of Authentic hand painted scenic clay mugs that are lead safe and ready to use. Included are also the classic tablet of Abuelita hot chocolate mix, Hand carved wooden spoons, The Classic Game of Pirinola in a wooden design hand painted and dipped in a clear coat of lacquer to protect it for long lasting fun. The Iconic game of “La Lotería” complete set with game boards and playing cards, Hand made piñata ornament and a hand full of Authentic Mexican snacks and candy.

* 2 x Scenic mugs / Style may vary from picture
* 1 x La Loteria Complete Game set
* 1 x La Pirinola Spinner Game
* 1 x Handmade Piñata hanging ornament / Style may vary from picture
* 1 x Sealed tablet of Authentic Abuelita hot Chocolate mix
* 3X Hand Carved Wooden soon set
* 10-12 pre-packaged Mexican candy and Snacks. Iconic snack such as Gansitos, Masapan, Canels Gum etc.

Additional information

Weight 2.26 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 25 × 11 in