About Casa Tomatal

It’s the 1950’s Southern Mexico. Mario and Raquel Salgado, a tailor and seamstress by trade crossed paths one day that sparked a 90 year story of love, loss, passion, resilience but most importantly creating a home for their 7 children. The young couple so in love started their family. As the family grew, they promised each other the kids would never struggle the way they did, So they set their sights for greater opportunities.  They came to this country with almost nothing but they always had the love and support of family. They worked various jobs and they learned English. On the summer weekends they loaded the family station wagon and headed towards Douglass Park on Chicago’s West side just in time for the conclusion of the soccer matches where their taco stand became a staple amongst the locals for their cooking that brought back a taste of the home country. As the years passed by and through hard work they were able to purchase a house they could call their own. From the start Raquel had a knack for home and design. Her distinctive style of vibrant colors and florals brought life and a warmhearted feeling to every corner of the house that she began to gain a following within friends and family that fueled her passion for interior decorating and ignited the launch of her business that assisted her clients in bringing an inspiration and loving environment to as many homes as she could through her innovatory design, artisan products and love she shared with Mario for family and creating home.

We believe in these things so deeply that everything we do at Casa Tomatal is in the pursuit of inspiring everyone to create a home and a life they truly love. As you can currently find us online or at the local markets here in Chicago, Inside of these digital pages, through our recipes, blogs, products and storytelling. It is our ongoing aspiration that any time of the day you spend with us will help usher you there.

¡Bienvenidos! A Casa

We love to support of local soccer and baseball teams

We are advocates for creating social change in our community and abroad

I was a seamstress by trade for a fashion house

I grew up in a small village and was tasked with feeding the cows

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